• Everything is possible - any configuration, load and size, wholesale.
  • Production capacity - a guarantee of on-time delivery.
  • Wholesale deliveries of reinforced concrete, working only with legal entities.
  • Specialize in designing non-standard products and supply of individual reinforced concrete.
  • New product in Russia - a floating pier of wide application.


Лето 2011-строительный рынок оживёт 01.06.2011

В Невском районе начнётся застройка квартала из 12 многоквартирных домов

Предложение жилья 20.05.2011

Капитального снижения предложения на рынке жилья не будет.


English Version

The company «ZHBI Standard» specializes in wholesale deliveries of concrete products in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region: individual precast concrete, concrete products for house and industrial building construction.

The main manufactured products - reinforced concrete columns. If necessary we will develop a draft section of concrete products under your conditions.

In the short term will be made forms for the production of concrete products according to specifications.

We also supply standard products: reinforced concrete stairways, elevator shafts, ventilation monolithic blocks.

We are ready to offer the best solutions for any problem construction. For all products available passport quality.

Production capacity for different products in a month

  • Columns – 1000 m3,
  • Beams - 1500 m3,
  • Slabs – 5000-6000 m2,
  • Flights of stairs – 220-250 m3,
  • Wall pannels – 3500-4000 m2,
Железобетон в Санкт-Петербурге

Reinforced concrete according to specifications

Our company will participate in the design drawings, we can calculate the load and finalize drafts of project documents.

Железобетон в Санкт-Петербурге

Reinforced concrete for housing construction

Our company delivers a typical reinforced concrete for construction of residential and public buildings: reinforced concrete stairways, elevator shafts, ventilation blocks.

Железобетон в Санкт-Петербурге

Reinforced concrete for marine construction

We offer reinforced concrete floating pier, breakwaters, anchors, platforms and bridge piles. We will consider all orders for reinforced concrete for industrial construction.

Calculate your order in a short time!

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